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Our Cleaning and Restoration services are provided by well trained professionals using the latest equipment for your Ducts, HVAC Systems, Air Handling Units, and Cooling Towers. Our cleaning procedures for removing contaminates and dust are in full compliance with industry standards from the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) and the EPA’s duct cleaning consumer checklist.

Fresh Air Systems will restore commercial Air Handling Units (AHU), providing new sub-straight to deteriorated galvanized AHU flooring. Also we safely remove rust, paint and other contaminants before applying new surface coating within the housing of your AHU. Before you change out your HVAC System, compare the costs of these restorations processes and consider the money and time you’ll save without change out downtime. Money well spent.

Fresh Air Systems techs are equipped with safety and cleaning equipment.

Fresh Air Systems uses a variety of collection devices. The HEPA filtration allows us to bring the collection vacuum into your building envelope without contaminating the air you breathe. A HEPA air scrubber is also utilized to maintain EPA recommended standards during the cleaning process.

Use of the negative air and air scrubbing machines insures that the dust in your ductwork does not blow throughout your building envelope during the cleaning process. Fresh Air System uses industry standards and industry recommended tools. We can assure you will breathe easier. We have a strong commitment to Indoor Environment and want to be your IAQ & IEQ Specialist!